Growing Demand of Used Engines


1 Diesel is an engine based on the “British Rail Class 08 Shunter”. He is coloured black and has six wheels on him. He has an old motor which was replaced with a new one during Gordon’s ceremony.

2 Daisy has a green with yellow lining on her body. She is classy and sassy. She wears lipstick and has eyelashes. Daisy is an engine that at first complained about the work she had to do, but later on realized the importance of co-operation. She is a “Class 101 diesel multiple unit” engine.

3 BoCo is painted green and carries the number D5702 in the group. BoCo is an electric diesel engine based on a “British Rail Class 28 Metrovick Co-Bo Type 2”. He works on the main line and the branch line.

4 Mavis has six wheels, obscured side plates and a cow-catcher on her body. She is coloured black with yellow hazard stripes. She has a “British Rail Class 04 Shunter” diesel engine. She was also assigned to look after Bill and Ben to make sure that they stay out of trouble. used engines near me

5 Arry and Bert These two diesel engines usually work in the scrap yards of the Island of Sodor’s Ironworks, which is the reason why they are called the “The Grim Messengers of Doom”. They are coloured green-grey with hazard stripe and yellow. Their engines are based on the “British Rail Class 08 Diesel-Electric Shunters”, they are the diesel engines who are very close with the steam engines.

6 Salty has a West Country accent and works at the Brendam docks. Often, he is called the battered old diesel, who loves the sea and sea stories more than anything else. He is printed with crimson with light red stripes and bears the number 2991 in the group. He has an engine that is based on the “British Rail Class 07 Dock Shunter” and has his first appearance in season 6.

7 Diesel 10 is a “British Rail Class 42” engine. He is a devious engine and other engines often sees him as “the master of mischief”, which means that when Diesel 10 is around, trouble always happen. He frightens other engines with his claw, together with his villainous laugh, but he still loves to be useful.

8 Den is a slow-minded and thoughtful engine of the diesel works of Sodor. He is based on a “Rolls-Royce Sentinel Diesel-Hydraulic 0-4-0” diesel engine. His color is slate grey and orange with white lining.

9 Dart is known to be the speedy and energetic assistant in the diesel works. He is based on the “W.G. Bagnail 0-4-0 Diesel-Hydraulic Locomotive” engine. His color is yellow and red with white lining.

10 Norman, also known as “Norm”. He is an engine who always breaks down, but when fixed, he is really a very useful diesel engine. Based on the “British Rail 11001” diesel engine and is has the color of rusty red with yellow lining.

11 Paxton is also known as “Pax”. Although he is a juvenile, he is confident and can be a bit gullible at times… the other diesels often takes advantage of this characteristic. His engine is based on “British Rail Class 08” and is painted dark green with yellow lining.


1 Winston is an inspection vehicle of Sir Topham Hatt’s (also known as “The Fat Controller”). Though he is not the brightest, and is easily distracted, still he is a cool, helpful, well-meaning and very useful engine on the rails. Based on the “Type 4B Two Seat Wickman Trolley” engine and is coloured red with gold nameplates.

2 Stafford is made of veneered wood and is lined with cream and has gold nameplates. A “North Staffordshire Railway Battery-Electric No.1″shunting engine that carries the number 1917 in the group.



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