How Online Advertising Agencies Can Help You Get Your Website Noticed

One of the main reasons why business owners have company websites is to generate business for their company via the Web. But if a site is not performing, in other words, getting noticed by people searching the Web, then potential business is being lost. Do you have a sneaking suspicion that that no one is visiting your website? You would most likely pick this up if you haven’t been getting any enquiries from people interested in doing business with you, either directly through contact points on your website or by way of phone calls from people who say they visited your website and were interested in speaking to someone in person. If this is indeed the case, and your website appears to be as dead as a dodo, then online advertising agencies can help you get your website noticed.

First of all, let’s clarify what an online advertising agency is and what it does. Online advertising agencies are companies that mediate between websites and the various Internet search engines, helping businesses to get their websites noticed by the search engines. Also known as Internet marketing companies, the underlying intention of these agencies is to get their client’s websites to rank high up on the pages that search engines generate in response to search requests by people searching online. It is well known that searchers are typically most interested in the first page of results that a search engine generates for them and that their interest wanes concomitant with the following pages. Therefore, having your website address on the first page of results generated by a search engine is a highly desirable place to be, and making use of the services of an online advertising agency can help you achieve this.

Online advertising agencies use Internet marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO), paid inclusion, Pay Per Click (PPC), and contextual marketing to help to increase a website’s visibility. SEO utilizes ‘natural’ or organic algorithmic search results to assist in promoting visibility and can be done by making the underlying code of a website friendly to search engines and/or by increasing the number of links coming to a website, in this case, yours, from another website. Unlike PPC, paid inclusion and contextual marketing search engine marketing methods, SEO doesn’t target paid listings, only unpaid ones. Paid inclusion is where the online advertising agency pays a search engine on your behalf to include your website in its search index. The advantage of paid inclusion over SEO is that paid inclusion takes effect more quickly: a matter of days compared to the weeks or months SEO normally takes. PPC, also know as “paid placement”, involves advertisers having to bid on keywords relevant to their target market but with the benefit of not having to pay their host unless their advert is clicked on. Contextual marketing often takes the form of pop up ads and other ads on a website and ‘match’ the subject of the website a user is looking at. How it works is that a contextual advertising system will scan a website for certain keywords and then returns ads to the website that match those keywords. Now, there are other tools, techniques and processes that online advertising agencies employ to assist their clients but it is too much to go into detail here, suffice it to say that they have many ways and means of getting your website noticed on the Internet. pay per install publisher

As you can see, your business could benefit considerably from using an online advertising agency to help you get your website noticed. Increasing the visibility of your website is not something you can do yourself because of the numerous specialized tools and techniques such as that online advertising agencies employ, not to mention the skill and expertise their employees have gained from doing Internet marketing for a living. Besides, you will be far to busy handling the business that will be coming your way as a result of your website’s increased visibility on the Web.


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